It was our last, fifth, evening in Yogyakarta, in a city, that left a seriously good impression with its streets full of cool art and creative spirit coming from the smiley and friendly locals. Whether it was in the old part, where we tried drawing batik and making Wayang Kulit(leather shadow puppets), or a modern take on colors and shapes in painting, graffiti in the middle of the rice fields, recycled sculptures on Malioboro street, etc.

It took us three attempts to find Jogja National Museum and we nearly didn't make it again that night due to me eating a green super salted duck egg that was in the heat for a day and nearly getting sick on the scooter. But we made it and got to see ARTJOG, an incredibly great Indonesian artists exhibition.

I go to many artsy events, see a lot of nice works on t...

Step 1. Saturate your passport in coconut oil.

This will make sense in a moment. 

So in 2016 February I finished work and took off to do the cliche South East Asia trip for a few months. Got myself a nice Qatar flight from Berlin to Bangkok, so the most logical detour was to fly to Barcelona(stop No.1) first and visit a good friend that I used to live with in Ireland. That was great fun, even my girlfriend came for a few days and then very awkwardly said long goodbyes to each other at the same airport, same terminal, same wing, expect for a different gate..I was trying to keep my brave face on, but the tears and snots were dripping down my face, until a sturdy looking German lady gave me a tissue and asked to stop. 

After a short 'red-eye flight'(literally) I landed in Berlin(stop No.2) and st...

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